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Designating an International ISIS Network of Financial Facilitators
May 10, 2022

Coinciding with the 16th meeting of the Counter ISIS Finance Group (CIFG) of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, the United States is designating today five individuals participating in an ISIS network of financial facilitators operating across Indonesia, Syria, and Turkey.  The United States, Italy, and Saudi Arabia co-lead the CIFG, which comprises nearly 70 countries and international organizations and coordinates efforts against ISIS financial support networks worldwide.  The United States is committed to working with the Global Coalition to deny ISIS the ability to raise and move funds across multiple jurisdictions.

The individuals designated today, pursuant to Executive Order 13224, as amended, have facilitated the travel of violent extremists to Syria and other areas where ISIS operates.  By designating them, we aim to expose and disrupt an international ISIS facilitation network that has financed ISIS recruitment, including of vulnerable children in Syria.

For more information this action, please see the Department of the Treasury’s press release.