Kerry’s Meeting with Moaz al-Khatib of Syria

Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, D.C
March 25, 2015

Secretary of State John Kerry’s Meeting with Moaz al-Khatib

Secretary of State John Kerry and Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Anne Patterson met today with Moaz al Khatib, former President of the Syrian Opposition Coalition. Mr. Khatib shared his views on ways to advance a political solution to the crisis in Syria. Secretary Kerry emphasized that Bashar al-Asad is a brutal dictator with no legitimacy to lead Syria.

The Secretary reaffirmed our commitment to pursuing all diplomatic avenues to help bring about a political transition based on the Geneva Principles that leads to an inclusive government and a future of freedom, dignity, and security for the Syrian people. Secretary Kerry and Assistant Secretary Patterson also expressed our deep concern for the humanitarian situation in Syria, including those Syrians displaced or forced to flee Syria as a result of the conflict. They conveyed our strong commitment to continue efforts to alleviate the suffering of Syrians throughout the region.