White House press secretary Josh Earnest on reports about the use of chlorine as a chemical weapon in ‪Syria‬

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

Briefing by the Press Secretary Josh Earnest

March 17, 2015

The United States is aware of these reports and the videos that are circulating on social media. We are seeking additional information and cannot at this point confirm the details. But if these allegations are confirmed, this would, tragically, be only the latest example of the Assad regime’s atrocities against the Syrian people.
The regime continues to inflict daily terror through air strikes, barrel bombings, arbitrary detention, torture, sexual violence, murder, starvation, and the use of chemical weapons. We continue to take all allegations of chemical weapons use, and in particular, these recent allegations regarding the use of chlorine as a chemical weapon, very seriously. And we have long held that any credible allegations of chemical weapons used must be investigated, and we support the OPCW’s fact-finding mission in this pursuit.